About Samantha

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Samantha.

I inspire ambitious stay-at-home moms to gain the confidence and skills they need to reignite their careers and rediscover their potential.

I’m a college grad, continuing my studies at University AND a single mom. (Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do both!) So far, I have dedicated my studies to researching how employers can support working mothers and improve work-life balance. I also love loud concerts and can often be found devouring non-fiction audio books.

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I am an employee-focused Human Resources professional with experience in the post-secondary and healthcare sectors. My research interests include workplace diversity, succession planning and women’s issues at work. I have 5+ years experience in recruitment and employee engagement.


Post-Graduate Certificate, Career Consultant (TBA)
Honours Business Administration, Human Resources (2020)
Business Administration, HR Diploma (2018)


Human Resources Professional Association


Student Leadership Award (HR), 2018


Enactus Canada (2017-2018)
HRPA Annual Trade Show (2017, 2018)